Natural wreath

2 Dec
Times are tight and I didn’t have the money to fork out for a wreath.  Minimum price is about 20 euro and some aren’t that nice anyway.
So with a wire coat hanger, green garden wire (the only thing I had to buy) and some greenery, berries and pine cones from the hedgerow.   I made my own.

I just keep wrapping the greenery around the hanger and wiring it on until it looked full then add the berries and cones.  I hot glued the three cones together before wiring in on.
I’m happy with it:-)

Bunk beds

2 Dec

My oldest two (a boy and a girl) share a bedroom with bunk beds. I thought instead of Anna looking up at a mattress and wooden slates it would be nice to have a girly space for her.  So I made this pin board for her. The picture is rubbish but have you ever tried to take a picture while laying on the bottom bunk?  Turns out it is quite tricky. For me anyway!  

This is what I did

measured the width and length of the bed

taped some cardboard together (heavy duty tape) to make to right size

glued a fitted sheet around it. I used a spray adhesive for the front and hot glue at the back.

zigzaged some lace back and forwards.  Hot glued the lace to the back as I turned the lace

staple gunned it to the bed


She loves it = Success


2 Dec
I am going to begin a blog about my sewing and crafting. I have been thinking about doing this for a while but life is busy with four children but I am going to start slowly and build it up over time. This is a entry I did in my blog I do to keep my family up to date. It’s and entry I did 2 years ago. Can it really be that long? We only had three then!  The Nativity set is out again this Christmas and I am happy to say it is holding up well. This year it will be Ciara putting the dolls in her mouth!
For a few years now I have wanted a Nativity set that was child friendly. So, this year I finally did something about it. I found book in the library on making fleece dolls called Fleecie dolls by Fiona Goble (Great no expense on a pattern!) and one of the patterns in the book seemed just right. It was originally of a little Japanese doll, only 10cm tall called Suki which I thought would be easy to make up costumes to suit my purpose. So over the first week in December I did it. They need a few adjustments but over all I am happy with it. If you can tell who is who I’ve succeeded and the kids love and play with it too which was the original purpose.
Of course, EĆ³gan thinks anything with a cape is a super hero and they end up flying around the room. 

Anna thinks the angel (which is her favourite) has a butterfly on it’s back.

And Beth likes the fact she can put the soft toys in her mouth.
However, I hope that as we read the Nativity story over and over again they will gain a better understanding of the meaning of Christmas and their play will reflect that. Anyway at 3, 2 and 1 years of age I am happy they like it and the older two recognize Baby Jesus.

Have a Wonderful Christmas.


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