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Bunk beds

2 Dec

My oldest two (a boy and a girl) share a bedroom with bunk beds. I thought instead of Anna looking up at a mattress and wooden slates it would be nice to have a girly space for her.  So I made this pin board for her. The picture is rubbish but have you ever tried to take a picture while laying on the bottom bunk?  Turns out it is quite tricky. For me anyway!  

This is what I did

measured the width and length of the bed

taped some cardboard together (heavy duty tape) to make to right size

glued a fitted sheet around it. I used a spray adhesive for the front and hot glue at the back.

zigzaged some lace back and forwards.  Hot glued the lace to the back as I turned the lace

staple gunned it to the bed


She loves it = Success